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Our Mission

We keep our Lithium-Iron Batteries affordable so you can take advantage of their powerful and eco-friendly benefits.

Meet Our Founder

As a Lithium-Iron Battery Technology Ph.D. Degree holder and enthusiast, Dr. Michael Xie, the founder of Ampowsure, has always made sure he brings the best battery technology and products to the public. Michael spent 8 years in R&D of lithium ion battery, 5 years doing his Ph.D. research, and 3 years working for Nobel Prize Winner Prof. John Goodenough (known as the “Father of Ion Batteries”) as a postdoc in U of T, Austin. Michael believes that the cost of lithium ion batteries should not be as high as most companies promote their product in the market, while also making sure a better battery quality is maintained. Therefore, Michael is providing a better solution for the battery industry so that more people enjoy the benefits and high power of the lithium ion battery.

Our Vision

We want to be the best economical solution, while keeping high quality and professional service as our top priority. Our batteries are more affordable than the most popular brands in the market. We guarantee equivalent or improved performance and power.   


A Successful Solution Provider

Through his experience, focus and dedication, Michael has become an accomplished battery research scientist and entrepreneur. PHD Energy, founded in 2014, is now a leading designer in the Battery B2B industry.

Quality Standards

We have set a high standard with over 30 years of combined battery experience on the research, design, and manufacturing of Lithium Battery Technology. Integrated with cutting edge innovation, we offer the highest quality battery in the market for customer satisfaction.

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