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We are Lithium-Iron Battery Experts, and we make sure your needs are specifically met according to your type of project or application.

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Ampowsure is the brand manufacturer of high quality batteries built to last and designed to perform. If you want to go out for an adventure, you have come to the right place!
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Ampowsure is a Solution Provider because we handle your project's needs from installation to support. Our talented team members are experienced professionals whose main goal is to provide exceptional products and services. We are fully committed and remain loyal to our customers, while we continuously value your input as it strengthens the core of our company. 

What Our Clients Say

"I have been using your battery for quite a while, and it never caused me any trouble. I am very happy with the quality of the product. I will definitely recommend it to my friends."
Zack B.
"I have a pair of these 12v 100Ah deep cycle LiPo batters and a 12v 6ah that I use on my SeaPro Sv2100. The 100Ah batteries I use just for my 24v MinnKota Terrova Ipilot trolling motor and I cannot wear them out! Even in 20mph wid on the lake these batteries keep me fishing all day long! I use the 12V 6ah to run my front fish finder and It will last two trips befroe I need to charge it up again. These batteries are the future. With a 10 year life span they are well worth the investmant and reliability. Contact Michael Xie and he can get you setup!"
Zachary Buchhorn
"I’ve been using the 100ah lithium battery for a few weeks now on my Old Town Autopilot 120 and I am very impressed. I used to use a lead acid battery. In addition to it being very heavy, it also died a lot faster than this battery. I had drained it a few times trolling and fishing multiple spots. I have used this Ampowsure battery with the motor on full speed more than I ever did with the old battery and still have yet to even get close to draining it. It’s also considerably lighter. I can carry it in one hand inside my battery box and carry other things in my other hand. I used to make a single trip from the truck to the launch with just my battery box. I have a lot of confidence in this battery and it makes life so much easier. Thanks Michael Xie!"
Jason Welsch
"I have used their battery to power my kayak and it worked out great. Lightweight compare to lead batteries and it lasts a long time per charge. Can't go wrong."
William Zhong
"I've been running 3 regular batteries in my boat for years. Usually get a full day of fishing out of them before needing a charge. Recently switched to a 36v Ampowsure Lithium battery. Night and day difference! Enjoyed and enitre 4 day weekend with no charging. Added bonus is the weight. I lost over 100 lbs with the switch over to the Lithium battery."
Kenny Hileman


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